Frequently Asked Questions

What does Church 21 mean?
There are two answers to this question. First, we are a church that is rooted in the ancient traditions and practices while dealing with the realities of the 21st century. Second, we are a church that desires to see the 21 regions of Quebec reached with the gospel. Our prayers and strategy focus on seeing Quebec impacted by Jesus in a significant way.

What is the address of your Sunday gathering?
Cinéma Banque Scotia (5th floor)
977 Sainte-Catherine Ouest
Montreal (Quebec) H3B 4W3

What time should I arrive?
We encourage you to arrive around 9:45. This will allow you to meet some people before the gathering. If you have children, plan to arrive around 9:40 so that you can register them for our Kids Zone which is available for the first half of our gathering for children ages 0-3rd grade.

What is available for my children?
We have a nursery available for infants and young children (ages 0-2). We also have a Kids Zone for children ages 3-3rd grade. The Kids Zone includes a Bible lesson, games, snack, and time to ask questions about Jesus. The program is run by volunteers who have been safety-trained and undergone a background check.

Is there parking available?
Yes. Parking is free on the street until 1:00 PM.

What metro station should I use?
The closest station is Peel. Both Peel and McGill stations can be used and allow you to access the gathering without ever going outside (if you can navigate the underground city well).

Is there a time to meet people from the church?
Yes. There is a food court located on the Metro-level floor of the same building. After the gathering, many people from the church head down to the food court. We have creatively called this time, “Lunch Downstairs.” If you don’t immediately recognize anyone from the service, look for a small orange parking cone on a table to be sure that they’re from the church.

How do I contact a pastor?
Fill out this form and a pastor will get back to you quickly.

Is there a City Group that meets near me?
Check out our City Group page to find our updated list of groups and email the leader to find out when and where they meet.

Can I receive training?
Yes! We partner with the Academy in Context to provide training for those who are new followers of Jesus as well as for those who have been leading churches and ministries. We never stop learning and applying. For more information, see our Training section.

How do I becoming involved in serving?
Check out the Serve page where many opportunities are indicated. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What happens if I don’t see my question(s) on this list?
Contact us and someone will send you a response.