City Groups

Families of Servants on Mission

That phrase encapsulates the heart of City Groups. They are primarily geographically based groups of 8-20 people who gather regularly to grow as family, serve one another and the city, and be on the mission of God to show and tell of the gospel of Jesus.

The groups allow for the church to be the church to one another and to the city.


Here is a list of the neighbourhoods in which the city groups meet, a contact person for the group, and the primary language of the group. You can find out more about the group by sending an email to the contact.

Downtown (English)

     Contact: Lucas Laskey (

Plateau (English)

     Contact: Andrew Fulford (

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (English)

     Contact: Jordan Weeks (

Verdun (English)

     Contact: Josiah Ahn (

Lasalle (English)

     Contact: Mike Gockley (

South Shore (English)

     Contact: Trenton Walker (

West Island (English)

     Contact: Geoff Wright (