About Us

Church 21 Montreal was first planted in 2011. Today it exists as a bilingual expression of more than a dozen ‘City Groups’ across the greater Montreal region. Most Sundays we gather for worship in French & English at the Scotiabank Cinema in downtown Montreal. Once in a while we’ll gather on a Saturday night for a Baptism Party and won’t be meeting the next morning. You can visit our Facebook page to check if we have any such closures, and where to find us that weekend!

Learn more about our Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs, Pastors & Staff directly below.


Change the City Collectively

Change – We long to be changed by God and to bring holistic change to others. As we are finding ways that God helps us we want to tell others about the change that is possible.

City – We want to be a church that exists to serve the city. We want to enjoy the beautiful things our city has to offer, but we also want to be positive contributors and exist in a way that brings more value to our city.

Collectively – No one individual can do all the work. Jesus speaks about the church as his “body.” This means that just like all members of a body are necessary for health, so all members of the church are necessary to work together. Everyone matters. There is no one who is worth more than another. It is as the church is working collectively together that the city will better understand the beauty of the church.



We want to see Jesus honoured and enjoyed, and his work multiplied throughout Québec, Canada, and the world.

Our vision for Québec is to see people meet Jesus as well as healthy and multiplying churches established in the 21 regions of our province.

Our vision for Canada is to partner with and equip multiplying churches so that Canada is saturated with the good news of Jesus.

Our vision for the globe is to build relationships of mutual benefit with global church planting efforts so that we might receive from and contribute toward reaching all nations, especially unreached people groups and the francophone world, with the good news of Jesus.

Simply put, we want to see many more disciples of Jesus and many more churches planted wherever the Lord would allow!



We believe in the gospel. This word means good news. Specifically, we believe in the good news that Jesus came and lived a perfect life, that he died on the cross in our place, and rose from the grave. We believe that he has already begun the work of making a new creation and that he will complete that work when he comes again. We believe that this good news can be received as a gift and that Jesus transforms our life through it.

We believe in community. Following Jesus is not a solo project. He rescues us into a community by which we have the privilege of receiving love and care and the responsibility of giving love and care. This community is a family. The community that Jesus started through his resurrection is intended to gather and encourage one another, but also scatter into the normal, everyday things of life.

We believe in mission. As we scatter into our jobs, neighbourhoods, hobbies, and families, we show and tell the good news of Jesus. We believe that we are messengers of God sent to all people so that everyone might have the opportunity to hear about what Jesus has done for them.
It is difficult to simply make a list of all the things that we believe without having a conversation about each one.

If you would like to read our full Statement of Faith, please tap here.


Pastors & Staff:

Dwight Bernier – Lead Pastor

Brian Stegner – Executive Pastor

Mike Gockley – Pastor

Brian Alton – Pastor

David Ritz – Pastor

Norton Lages – Pastor

Jordan Weeks – Pastoral Apprentice

Geoff Wright – Pastoral Apprentice & Director of Kids Zone

Ryan Bussière – Pastoral Apprentice & Co-Director of Integration

Trenton Walker – Pastoral Apprentice

Josiah Ahn – Director of Music (English)

Élise Bersot – Director of Music (French)

Magan Bussière – Co-Director of Integration

Cindy Ho – Assistant to Lead Pastor